Multiple Shaft Conveyor

Multiple Shaft Conveyor

Multi Screw conveyor will receive the detergent mass from Zigma Mixer and feed in to the Plodder in a defined quantity. The advantages of above equipment is as below.

Immediate emptying of Zigma Mixer resulting the batch making time will be reduced. Uniform and consistent feeding of detergent mass in to plodder resulting homogeneous mixing of mass and better quality of detergent bar. Make the lumps received from Zigma in to uniform size so that the consistent output of plodder will be maintained.

Multiple Shaft Conveyor Aplications

This is a device used for transferring the material from Sigma Mixer to Plodder machine. The machine is provided with FourSix Screws through which material mixed and feeded to Plodder. The design of this machine provide the material feeding to Plodder with uniform rate of feed along with enhanced mixing of the material.

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