Vertical screw conveyor

Vertical Screw Conveyors Manufacturers in Pune

Vertical screw conveyor

Vertical screw conveyors are an efficient method for elevating a variety of bulk materials from steep inclines to completely vertical. The compact design allows the vertical screw conveyor to fit almost any plant layout. With minimum moving parts, the vertical screw conveyor is a cost-effective and dependable component of any bulk material handling process.

Metasis designs vertical screw conveyors to meet the needs of many industries, such as Chemical, Minerals Processing, Food, Wood Products and Wastewater Treatment. For example, our unique shaftless vertical screw conveyor design is used in many Wastewater treatment facilities for elevating dewatered biosolids.

Metasis Vertical Screw Conveyors are available in many configurations. Inlet sections can be offset to either side or can be in-line. Horizontal feed conveyors are required to accurately meter bulk materials directly to the vertical conveyor’s inlet for maximum efficiency.

Vertical Screw Conveyor Aplications & Limitations

Vertical screw conveyors are very efficient for elevating certain bulk materials; however due to the high speeds and product fallback, they are somewhat limited in the types of products to which they are best suited. Vertical screw conveyors are most effective for elevating materials that are:

 Inclined vertical screw conveyor India
  • Powders to granular

  • Free-flowing to slightly sluggish

  • Medium densities – from 10 PCF TO 50 PCF

  • Dry to low-moisture content

  • Non-abrasive to mildly abrasive

  • Not friable or easily degraded

  • Non-perishable (some product will remain in the conveyor)

  • Discharge height elevations of up to 30 feet

Advantages of Using Vertical Screw Conveyors

  • Ideal for handling dry to semi-fluid materials from free-flowing to slighlty sluggish

  • Capacities available up to 6,000 cubic feet per hour

  • Ability to elevate bulk materials up to 30-feet without use of internal bearings

  • Totally enclosed design for dust and vapor-tight requirements

Metascrews , a renowned name in the Indian industrial machinery landscape, excels as a premier manufacturer. We specialize in Ribbon Blenders and Ribbon Mixers , tailored for a wide spectrum of industrial powders. Our expertise extends to Vertical Screw Conveyors, as we stand as leading manufacturers in India , ensuring efficient material handling solutions for the process industry. Trust us for superior quality and reliability in these critical machinery components.

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