Sampling Screw Conveyors

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Sampling Screw Conveyors

Sampling Screws are designed to extract material sample from a stream of material flowing down a chute. The screw is designed to pick up material through a slot at the top of the screw and draw the material to a flanged outlet on the side. Provision has been made to purge the screw through an off-centre slot at the bottom of the screw when the motor is run in the opposite direction.

The screw sampler belongs to the samplers that remove a selective sample from the material flow. To be able to secure sufficient representativeness, the product flows to be sampled must be homogeneous in terms of the different grain sizes. Sampling is carried out by means of a sample collecting pipe protruding in the material flow.

Types of Sampling Screw

Pneumatic version

Manual version

Electric version

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